Poyle Road “a nicer place to live” after plan to move foreign truck drivers completed

A “green” scheme to prevent lorry parking in Poyle Road and anti social behaviour has been hailed by Slough Borough Council and Colnbrook Parish Council for having “transformed” the area for nearby residents.

The completed scheme

The completed scheme

For around a year, residents living near Poyle Road had suffered anti-social behaviour from lorries, vans and their drivers, parking at all hours of the day and night, cooking by the roadside and leaving buckets of human waste behind them.

Now the service road where the lorries and vans used to park has been closed and replaced with a pedestrian path and green area with bollards installed to prevent parking.

“The Poyle Road is now a nicer place to live near, thanks to work by Slough Borough and Colnbrook Parish Councils”, said a joint press release issued by SBC on Thursday.

While additional parking restrictions have been imposed no alternative facilities have been provided for lorry drivers, raising fears the problem could just be moved on down the road.

Slough Borough Council put up £20,000 of the cash on the condition that Colnbrook Parish Council chipped in with £1,000. In January, the parish agreed that part of a refund from Thames Valley Police could be spent on the scheme.

Savio DeCruz, head of transport, said:

“By working with the community safety team and the parish council, we could put in place measures which put a stop to the lorry and van parking and the anti-social behaviour which accompanied it.”

Both the CCA and CRA had raised concerns about anti social lorry drivers and lobbied hard for changes.

The landscaping sees the verges raised, grassed and trees planted. Bollards have been placed at strategic points to prevent vehicles parking, and the remaining access road double yellow lined to improve access.

The Parish Council, and myself in particular, have been campaigning for more than a year against the anti-social behaviour of continental lorry and van drivers

opposite hilton

The site of the works on Poyle Road. “Residents and workers on the trading estate had to put up with all kinds of anti-social behaviour from parked lorry drivers – from noise and cooking smells and debris, to smells and debris of an entirely more unpleasant type,” said Slough’s head of transport Savio DeCruz.

The Parish Council has welcomed the remodelling work.

Chair Peter Hood has been quick to take credit for the scheme:

“The Parish Council, and myself in particular, have been campaigning for more than a year against the anti-social behaviour of continental lorry and van drivers who had been using the area to live in overnight, for long weekends or even weeks at a time.

“Without access to toilets or washing facilities drivers were using adjacent bushes and walls as an alternative. The area was strewn with litter and being sited opposite a new major international hotel this gave a terrible first impression of the area to any visitor.”

Councillor Sohail Munawar, commissioner for economic and social inclusion, said:

“This is an excellent example of the council working with local residents to bring about a change in their area.  I hope residents and visitors find the area much more pleasant now.”

Clearly not long until the May Local Elections then!

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