Proszę nie śmiecić i nie załatwiać potrzeb fizjologicznych w tym miejscu!

Slough Borough Council has been quick to act on its promise in early September for a “multi-agency meeting” to discuss the problem of rubbish and excrement left by HGV drivers in Poyle, following lobbying by Poyle residents.  Signs in Polish and Romanian will be erected and night patrols will be carried out to deter offenders.

Polish lorry

Following a “case conference” on Monday 23rd September, Slough Borough Council has agreed an action plan to deal with the continuing problems created by foreign truck drivers parking overnight on Poyle Road.

The CCA, alerted by residents, lobbied for action over the Summer to prevent the growing nuisance – and health risk – posed from rubbish and faeces being left behind by foreign trucks parking up overnight.  The campaign was highlighted by the Slough Express.

Slough Borough Council representatives told the conference they had also received reports of “environmental issues” from other residents and businesses unconnected and Colnbrook Parish Council, along with complaints of noise disturbance on the Poyle Road lay-by outside the old steel works.

Slough said:

From initial investigations it appears that it’s predominantly the smaller Polish trucks that are parking up for 4-5 days at a time waiting for their next job before moving on. The larger HGV’s tend to park up for 9 hours and then move on.

The conference involved various SBC departments and Police to address the problem in a partnership approach.   The following points were agreed following the meeting

  • Signs to be put up in different languages (Polish and Romanian) on the lamp posts. Other languages to also be considered. The signs will request that the drivers do not behave in an offensive manner including urinating, defecating and leaving rubbish.
  • Evening patrols by Neighbourhood Enforcement / Police neighbourhood team to monitor lay-by usage and to speak to the drivers to gather information.
  • Monitoring of the bins that are in the lay-by. Full bins to be reported so Enterprise can empty them.
  • Highways/Transport to look at the feasibility of installing 2 bollards on the pavement where the existing bollards are to reduce the amount of space for parking by the smaller trucks.
  • Highways/Transport to look at highway design / proposed use of lay-by.
  • Look at a scheme to introduce parking restrictions to the lay-by.

Slough Borough Council had already agreed to consider a proposal to “yellow line” the lay-by and add restrictions to waiting times.  The CCA is looking for a longer term solution and has proposed a four-point plan.

An online survey carried out on this website has shown significant support for further restrictions to all existing lay-bys in the ward.  Just over 50% of respondents are supportive of providing dedicated facilities for lorry drivers in Poyle to address the “physiological needs” of drivers rather than simply push the problem elsewhere.



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