Residents advised to bin Heathrow survey

Campaign group Stop Heathrow Expansion is telling residents to bin a “cold call” request for information from homeowners in the area by the airport.


Campaign group Stop Heathrow Expansion is urging residents NOT to reply to a questionnaire from Heathrow if they receive one.

Questionnaires are, so far, being distributed to residents mostly in the area that would be within the new airport boundary if a third runway were approved.  The official reason is that the airport is conducting a wildlife survey, but SHE says the questions and tone of the survey have alarmed some who have received them.

SHE posted on its Facebook page on Monday:

Do you trust Heathrow? Would you give all the details they request to anyone else pushing an envelope through your door or cold calling and conducting a ‘survey’?

SHE says Heathrow appears to be much more interested in people’s living arrangements and urged residents to either delay, or disregard the survey:

“Some residents have felt intimidated by the forms with yet another Heathrow letter. There is absolutely no rush to do anything with the form (and you can certainly bin it if you want) but if you’d like to know more we hope to have some answers for residents next week”.

Residents in Harmondsworth and Longford have already received the questionnaires which include a map showing the boundaries of your property.

The group has promised to investigate and advise residents with a proper course of action soon.

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