Slough approves Johal’s Scrapyard

Despite the decisive verdict of Colnbrook residents in the village “referendum” last November, Slough Borough Council’s Planning Committee have approved the Johal Scrapyard’s latest application, subject to only minor conditions.

The text of the decision is as follows:

Delegated to the HPPP for approval subject to conditions, a legal agreement and the application not being called in by the Secretary of State; and in the event that the legal agreement is not completed by 20th September, 2010, that the application be referred to the Planning Committee for decision.
Conditions and legal agreement to specify: (1) No waste processing to take place outside the building. (2) Use for operations on Sunday and Bank Holidays
to be removed. (3) The applicant to give up other operative activities during Sundays and Bank Holidays. (4) Surface drainage to be agreed subject to the
Environment Agency approval. (5) The Applicant to sign a Legal Agreement with the Council by 18th September, 2010. (6) The materials and cladding used on the building
to be in keeping with the green belt. (7) Land offered to be transferred to the Borough Council after de-contamination and landscaping. (8) The Applicant to contribute a sum of money for landscaping. (9) The building(s) to have effective noise proofing installed. (10) Appropriate Highways conditions to be made. (11) Measures to be put in place for the suppression of dust. (10) All conditions required by the Environment Agency must be satisfied including those relating to flood risk. (11) The subject land must be decontaminated. (12) No external lighting to the premises to be installed without approval. (13) Safeguards must be put in place during construction work. (14) Any other conditions and matters for inclusion in the legal agreement as deemed necessary by the Head of Planning Policy and Projects.

The reason for the decision is that:-
(a) Approval of the application will return about half of the site to green space thereby diminishing the damage to the green belt.
(b) Approval of the application will lessen the impact of the current use of the site.
(A named vote having been requested, there voted for the proposal as follows:
For: Councillors P Choudhry, A S Dhaliwal, Rasib, Swindlehurst, Zarait.
Against: Councillors Dodds, MacIsaac. Abstentions: Councillor Plimmer

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