Tell your children not to join “clown craze” Colnbrook police team tell parents

Parents are being asked to warn their children about the risks of joining in with the current “killer clown” craze sweeping the county in this month’s update from the Neighbourhood Police Team.

There have been reports of "killer clown" sightings across Berkshire.  This one, above, was recorded by restaurant-goers in Bracknell last month.

There have been reports of “killer clown” sightings across Berkshire.  This one, above, was recorded by restaurant-goers in Bracknell last month.

The Neighbourhood Police Team (NPT) is urging parents to steer their children away from the current clown craze imported from the United States.

The plea follows a spate of “killer clown” sightings across Berkshire and a warning issued by Thames Valley for those involved to stop wasting police time.

So far clown sightings have been reported in Bracknell, Milton Keynes, Abingdon, and Chesham, while a threat was issued by ‘The Clown of Baylis’ last month via Instagram to visit Baylis School in Slough. No actual visit took place.

Those caught risk being charged with a public order offence:

Can we ask all parents to discourage their children from taking part in the current ‘Clown Craze’ or risk being investigated for a Public Order offence

The warning was included in this month’s Neighbourhood Update issued today.  The update also noted that:

  • The darker nights have led to an increase in dwelling burglaries and residents are being asked to be vigilant in properly securing their homes.
  • The Halloween and Diwali weekend resulted in a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB), mainly from persons letting off fireworks in public places.
  • Incidents of ASB in the parish involving catapults has begun to decrease, however remains a concern.  The NPT is encouraging all residents to continue to report incidents of this nature so that it can locate and identify those responsible.
  • Parents on the school run have been warned that any vehicle parked dangerously or perceived as causing an obstruction runs the risk of being issued a ticket and/or being removed.

All members of the Colnbrook/Poyle and Foxborough Team were patrolling the neighbourhood on bicycles throughout Halloween and Diwali, actively responding to incidents and “robustly dealing with offences”, the report says.  They will be doing the same as the early Christmas celebrations begin.

The Neighbourhood Action Group met most recently on Tuesday, 1st November at Colnbrook Village Hall but no minutes have been made public.  The next NAG meeting is yet to be scheduled.

Crime advice

The local police team has issued the following advice to residents:

Burglary prevention

Please ensure that all windows and doors are properly secured and keep your curtains drawn at night to prevent prying eyes. Likewise make sure no valuables are left on display for would be thieves to see. Please look out for one another, especially any elderly or vulnerable relatives and neighbours. Establish if your home security could be improved. Have you thought about installing outdoor lighting or CCTV? If going away for the night could you leave an indoor light on a timer? Please contact your Neighbourhood Team as we have a limited number of timer switches we may be able to provide to you.

School run parking

When possible, PCSO’s will be present at local School drop off/pick up times and will be monitoring the parking situation with the full support of the School Head Teachers.

Where possible please car share with other parents or park slightly further from the School and walk the remaining distance.

Please can we ask that you be considerate and not park near on or near bends/junctions nor obstruct driveways and pavements.

Please remember that all removal and release costs would be at the owner’s expense.


Please view the Thames Valley Police Website where you can seek guidance regarding the legislation concerning the possession and use of fireworks over the holiday periods.

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