Unauthorised Red Lion workmen are “a danger to themselves”

From the CCA:

Following earlier concerns about mysterious bonfires being lit in the rear garden of the Red Lion, neighbours are now concerned about the sudden appearance of building materials in the rear car park.

The Red Lion

The bonfires all occurred on a Sunday, when SBC officials are not available to pounce on this illegal activity. However SBC Environmental Services are reported to have discussed the matter with the owner, or his representative, and with concerned residents but to no avail. The bonfires continued.

Following the appearance of the building materials, Charles Burke, Secretary of the Colnbrook Community Association, again raised the matter with SBC, following workmen appearing on the roof of the building.

He said:

“These workmen are a danger to themselves; they appear on the roof without any head protection let alone safety harnesses. They have now been reported to me by members of the CCA on several occasions. They usually appear at weekends, except this Wednesday (19th) when they were again seen on the roof without protection”

“This is a matter of great concern to the residents around the Red Lion, not only for Health & Safety and Environmental issues, but also for planning reasons. This old pub is a grade 2 listed building and there are concerns due to the clandestine nature of the work programme, that planning issues are being ignored or contravened”.

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