Walsh: “there will always be an antisocial element who don’t care about the village or how it looks”

Yet more fly-tipping has been removed from the Westfield Estate, this time of a more sinister nature.

Cockfighting ... on the Westfield Estate?

Cockfighting … on the Westfield Estate?

Just days after the Severn Crescent garage clean-up shifted TWO skips of rubbish, Councillor James Walsh has arranged for another clean-up in Cherwell Close on Tuesday following a visit there.

As well as a mattress and sofa casually dumped in the road, rubbish included the carcasses of at least two dead cockerels!  Cllr Walsh described it as “probably the worst thing I’ve seen dumped in Colnbrook so far”.

Cllr Walsh told Colnbrook Views:

Flytipping in Colnbrook is one of the most persistent problems we face in the village and there tend to be several hotspots where people think it’s OK to dump all kinds of rubbish.

The Westfield Estate is a prime location and I have spent a lot of time with SBC’s neighbourhood enforcement team to remove it and to find solutions that may help prevent it from happening. That’s where the gated-off garage areas in Severn Crescent and Welland Close came from and it seems to have a postitive effect on the local area – the rubbish mountain in Severn Crescent is now gone, thanks in large part to the work of residents with council officers, and the gates are keeping the louts out.

In addition, we have successfully prosecuted flytippers where we have been able to trace them from the contents of their rubbish. There’s nothing like a steep fine to make some people realise that there’s no such thing as a free tip in Colnbrook!

Cockfighting was banned in 1849 but while there have continued to be isolated arrests around the country, there have been no reported incidents in Colnbrook.  There are reported to be several thousand “hard core enthusiasts” in Britain and the “sport” is often associated with the travelling community.

The rubbish was removed straight away by council workers.

Cllr Walsh added:

As ever, there is always more to do and there will always be an antisocial element who don’t care about the village or how it looks. Our job is to make sure that any rubbish is removed quickly and that enough deterrents are in place to make it extremely difficult to use Colnbrook’s streets and garage areas a local dump.

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Walsh: "there will always be an antisocial element who don't care about the village or how it looks", 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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