“We won’t be out of action for long”, says Golden Cross, despite heavy fire damage

The Golden Cross says it hopes to be open again soon despite reports that up to 60% of the pub may have been damaged in yesterday evening’s fire.


The Golden Cross pub, badly damaged in yesterday’s fire, says it hopes not to be out of action for too long.  In a post on Facebook around midnight, after the fire had been contained, it confirmed that there had been no injuries and will be “working very hard” to ensure it is not out of action for too long.


Five fire engines were required to put out the blaze, that swept through the first floor around 4:30pm while diners ate beneath, oblivious to what was going on.  Reports on social media suggest that somebody driving by the pub raised the alert after spotting the chimney was on fire.


Firefighters subsequently attended from Langley, Slough, Maidenhead, Surrey and London.  The night crew relieved the day crew at around 6pm and dampened down hot spots, but following re-inspection no further action was needed.  Fire-fighters remained on the scene until 9pm but officers re-inspected the scene at 1.00am  and no further action was needed.

The Slough Express reports that the cause of the fire is believed to be internal damage to the fireplace.  The blaze is not being treated as suspicious.


The Express reports that half the roof has collapsed while the Slough Observer says about 60 per cent of the building is understood to be severely damaged.

Customers were not believed to have been at risk at any point.

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