What do you know of the early years of Gladys Woodbridge, born in 1915?

Gladys Woodbridge was born to an unmarried mother in 1915 in Bridge Street, Colnbrook, and was believed to have been taken away.  Her daughter is trying to piece together the early years of her life.

Bridge Street with 2 children

Julie Smith is trying to find out about her grandmother, Gladys Woodbridge.

Gladys was born to Mabel Dorothy Woodbridge in 1915 in Bridge Street, Colnbrook.

“I don’t know if she was sent away or put into a home or if she went to school in the area. I wonder if it is possible for you to help me by telling me about the local schools at the time and what the usual procedure was for children of unmarried Mothers.

“I understand that there may have been Affiliation Orders granted at the Magistrates Court but am not sure how to locate these.

“I know that Gladys married in 1935 in Birmingham and I have an autograph book of hers which is full of lovely verses from ‘Mother’ and various names, e.g. A. Wheatly, Mrs J. Wallen and others. I don’t know if these are teachers or perhaps staff at a home?

“I would be so grateful if you could help me in any way”.

Gladys’ mother later married in Kensington in 1921 and went on to have another daughter.  She married in 1935.  However there seems to be no trace of Gladys from birth to when she married.

Can you help Julie fill in the blanks about her grandmother’s early years?

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