Where they stand: Council and Community Group positions on the Third Runway options

Heathrow Airport published its three preferred options for a new Third Runway on 17th July.  Two months on, we summarise where local councils and residents’ associations stand on the proposals.

Heathrow's North West option

Heathrow’s North West option

Organisation Stated position or policy Links
Wraysbury Wraysbury Parish Council is unequivocal that there should be no future expansion of Heathrow.It supports a new airport on a Greenfield site either North East or South East of London and, in the near-term, additional runway(s) at Gatwick and/or Stansted but definitely not at Heathrow.  It believes none of the recently published ideas for expansion at Heathrow is acceptable but the South West option is particularly objectionable as it would destroy the historic Magna Carta parish of Wraysbury.The Parish has also said it does not want to see Heathrow closed. Draft submission to Davies Commission

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is currently split over whether or not to support the Colnbrook option.Cabinet member Cllr George Bathurst said the Colnbrook option should be supported as it would reduce noise over Windsor and other parts of the Royal Borough.However, Cllr Malcolm Beer, the council’s representative on the local authorities aircraft noise council, said:“To put up to 50% extra on Heathrow in the relatively near future is unsustainable. Once they’re on that path, they won’t stop. Heathrow Airport are looking after their own interests and are trying to shoot everyone else down like they don’t matter. They are the biggest bully boys in town and they’ve got a lot of financial interest behind them.”A technical sub-committee of the forum will now prepare a report to submit to the Davies Commission – which is examining all options for increasing UK airport capacity – directly in response to Heathrow’s south-west expansion proposals.

The Aviation Forum agreed (27-August) that a technical group be formed to discuss and formulate a suitable response by 26 September 2013.

Aviation Forum Minutes, 27/8/2013
Hounslow The London Borough of Hounslow is against expansion of Heathrow:“Undoubtedly, new parts of our borough would be hit hard by the south west runway proposal at Stanwell Moor. The north runway – the Sipson option – which unlike its predecessor is a full-length runway, would also have a profoundly negative impact.”However, Cllr Colin Ellar, deputy leader of Hounslow Council said on July 17th that the Colnbrook option may have merit:“The north-west runway, which would cut across the M25, is a surprising development and we would need to examine its potential impact further”. Press Release, 17/7/2013 
Slough Slough Borough Council has made no public comment on the expansion of Heathrow.  However it has initiated a public consultation to gauge residents’ views. Consultation Portal
Colnbrook Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council has yet to discuss the threat of the Third Runway.  It will discuss the issue for the first time on Tuesday 17th September.
Richmond Richmond Borough Council objects to any further expansion at Heathrow.  Richmond Council’s Leader, Lord True, that “enough is enough”.“As bad as it is now, Heathrow’s new proposals will make matters far, far worse. Whilst the number of flights in and out of Heathrow is currently capped at 480,000, the construction of a new runway would raise that figure to 740,000 – that’s more than a 50% increase in the number of flights going directly over our heads. Heathrow want to take London’s biggest headache, the biggest engine of aviation noise and pollution in Europe, and add to it.”Richmond, along with Hillingdon and Hounslow, carried out a referendum of residents early this year to set their own position. Press Release, 23/07/2013
Stanwell Moor Stanwell Moor Residents Association (SMRA) were already active as soon as leaks of the announcement were made public.  They organised a meeting of residents on September 3rd attended by over 200 people, the county council, John Stewart from Hacan and representatives from Heathrow.Heathrow, following lobbying from SMRA, wrote to everyone in the Village about the meeting and within the letter they gave information about how to keep informed of developments. SMRA have organised resident views to be submitted via Robert Evans, their county councillor, and are hosting a series of future meetings to gauge views.The next meeting will be held at 7pm on 18 September Stanwell Moor Village Hall, Horton Road, Stanwell Moor, TW19 6AG Brief report of meeting 3/09/2013
Colne Valley Park The Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company is against any Heathrow expansion and says if the plans were to go ahead they would wipe out of the southern part of the park and reduce the greenbelt between Slough and London to one kilometre, whichever option is selected.  Carol Gibson, director of the Colne Valley Park CIC, said:“The park was established 50 years ago when the previous generation saw its potential to serve communities of west London and adjacent counties in providing an escape into countryside. Huge areas of this countryside may be about to vanish.”She added that only a comprehensive package to mitigate impacts would ensure the park has a sustainable future. Express article 28 July
Iver Iver Parish Council was first to discuss the expansion plans, at its meeting on 23rd July.  It has already submitted a response to South Bucks, aligned with that of Richings Park Residents Association which opposes expansion.  An earlier meeting (prior to the announcement) had concluded that a Stanwell Moor runway would have little impact on the parish. Meeting Minutes, 23rd July
Hillingdon The council held a referendum from 21 April to 16 May 2013 on possible expansion at Heathrow Airport. Every resident on the electoral roll in the borough was sent a referendum voting paper asking if they supported a third runway. Over 80,000 residents voted, a turn out of over 39 per cent.  Hillingdon’s position remains utterly opposed to any expansion. Hillingdon website
South Bucks South Bucks District Council has made little direct comment on Heathrow but is acting through the ‘2M Group’ made up of Wandsworth, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Richmond, Windsor and Maidenhead, Southwark, Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, and South Bucks councils which are against any further expansion at Heathrow.Last week the group called for a new study to be carried out into attitudes to aircraft noise, saying the Airports Commission will be limited to basing their recommendations on 30 year old data. Wandsworth Guardian 7/9/2013

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