Wraysbury Parish defends “cradle of democracy” as George Bathurst pushes case for a Colnbrook Third Runway

The Royal Borough of Maidenhead & Windsor Council’s Aviation Forum was split on support for the Colnbrook option when it met to discuss the three locations advanced by Heathrow for a Third Runway.


The council’s Aviation Forum has yet to make a formal response to the three options for a third runway – two to the west and one to east – published by Heathrow last month.  However, while it attacked the South-West option which would see a new runway built over Wraysbury reservoir, members of its panel advanced the case for the North-West option, over Colnbrook.

Royal Borough cabinet member Cllr George Bathurst said the Colnbrook option should be supported as it would reduce noise over Windsor and other parts of the Royal Borough.

However, Cllr Malcolm Beer, the council’s representative on the Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council, said:

“To put up to 50% extra on Heathrow in the relatively near future is unsustainable. Once they’re on that path, they won’t stop.  Heathrow Airport are looking after their own interests and are trying to shoot everyone else down like they don’t matter.  They are the biggest bully boys in town and they’ve got a lot of financial interest behind them.”

During the meeting Wraysbury Parish Council chairman Cllr Andrew Davies presented his council’s draft response to the Aviation Commission saying:

“Wraysbury is a historic parish. It’s been around a very long time, it’s mentioned in the Doomsday Book and almost certainly played a part in the sealing of Magna Carta – this is the birthplace of democracy we’re talking about.

“I think this is an impractical proposition, it’s exceptionally expensive and in my view this is a proposal of fantasy.”

A technical sub-committee of the Forum will now prepare a report to submit to the Davies Commission – which is examining all options for increasing UK airport capacity – due in September.


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