“You didn’t do it alone, Mike, don’t forgot those Old Hands who made the Village Hall!”

Colnbrook Views has been asked to publish the following open letter to former Parish Councillor and Chairman of the Village Hall Trust, Mike Rayner:

(Name and address supplied)

I would like to take this opportunity to reply to the comments made by Mr Rayner to Colnbrook Views dated 3 November, regarding the Village Hall and the community.

I would like to remind Mr Rayner whist he is ‘blowing his own trumpet’ so to speak that he has somewhat forgotten that he did not do this alone.

For example The “New Colnbrook Football Club” ,was set up by two mothers – Sally Pearse and Cheryl Allinson – whose lives were taken over by the running, organising and fundraising etc. They did this for five years and succeeded against all odds.

Things were made very difficult by club politics that in the end the ladies reverted to purchasing porta cabins which were situated on Georges Meadow for the children to use as changing rooms because of the hall committee who made using the Hall difficult.

This was done by them for the children of Colnbrook;
A, for something for them to do because there were no events open to them at the Village Hall and
B, To get the community working as one again.

They stopped after five years because of the lack of support from various groups.

This was done for many years with very little thanks to the ladies,who gave up their time and their lives to pursue this, they worked endlessly without lots of support. They managed to win the Community Cup for all their hard work, time and effort . I don’t hear them bleating on about what they have done.

Let us not forget about the Village Hall – numerous people over the years have supported this place, and were totally committed to its well being. I do appreciate what Mr Rayner has done regarding the village and Village Hall, however I would also like to point out he and the rest of the hierarchy did not do this alone. Without the help from the members and community who also gave up there time for the village.

People like Tom and Jean Milton, Ken Hill, Ralph Porter, Mike Wheeler, Cheryl Allinson, Sally Pearse, Arthur Sines, Ricky Pond et al who gave up their free time to run the bar for weddings and funerals etc all free of charge, giving up their weekends to help out with various events and without these people the hall would not have been allowed to function.

Its only thanks to Arthur Sines and others the bar is still open on Friday nights and Sunday lunch times for people of the village otherwise it would remain dormant. I won’t go into the terms of the license for the Hall!

Has Mr Rayner forgotten these people or are they not important enough to mention? Obviously not!!

To reply to Mark – having lived here for many years, do not be put off by the hierarchy of the village, however I would like to add that where the Village Hall is concerned it is a closed shop and trying to change things with new ideas and trying to get through to the hall committee would be an achievement in itself.

Old Hands

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